Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Agenda of May 1st City Council Meeting and other Community Web Resources

The following document is the agenda of the May 1st meeting of Manitou Springs City Council.  We'll try to do our best in staying on top of these guys.  As soon as the minutes are approved, we'll publish those here, too.  In the future, we'll be video taping the meetings of council and offering them in their entirety (as well as highlights) here on the Street News.

Click here for the minutes of the most recent Manitou Springs City Council meeting.

Click here for the city landing page for the activities of Manitou Springs City  Council.

Also, the city has a few different resources that I think might be beneficial if we have more community participation.  iManitou, which is the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce, has put together a Manitou Springs Community Page.  This could be a great forum and sharing ground for the people of our town.  I'm a member personally, and I encourage other people to join up, too.  We can share photos, videos and ideas with the community and help show what's REALLY going on in Manitou.  There are a few active members, but if we bring more of the culture here, the people in positions of power will have a better idea of the things they're missing out on.

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