Thursday, April 19, 2012

This is What We'll Lose if City Council Bans Unauthorized Use of the Stage

This is Dylan.  He hangs out in town quite a bit, and he just happens to be a great musician.  This is a great song, and a proposed ordinance from Manitou Springs City Council would render this performance illegal.

It is sad to hear that the City of Manitou Springs, Colorado is considering banning unauthorized use of the stage.  That includes playing music.  This is a terrible idea, and I think the community ought to weigh in with their feelings about it.  What kind of a society makes you get a permit to play your guitar in the park?

If you feel the way I do, get involved.  Call your City Councilor and tell them not to support the ban of the use of the stage.

A person should not need a permit to play a song, nor should they need one to sit down.  Under that law, a "habitual offender" would eventually be arrested for any use of the stage.  This puts law enforcement in a really unfair situation as well as the artists themselves.

Why should a cop need to warn someone to stop using a stage?  I'm sure most police officers would rather be fighting crime than fighting art!  Let's promote the art and bring more positive people to the rough and rugged world of Soda Springs.


  1. Yes sir unless they are getting a cut, then they find a way to get one in this case it is by throwing non crimnal people in jail as it generates tons of money for the City and the "community" thats why CJC IS AT double+ capacity and at least half of that population is in lock down for petty stuff like driving without a license tickets regardless of if there was any other crime besides not having a license being committed. I have personally sat in jail for more than 6months total time spent due to not being able to get a license because I cant pay fines without getting to work and if anyone here has ever rode the bus you know it is not feasible means of transportation to get too and from a job in this town its a travesty that we are worked like we are all so the Cities Police force can act like douche bags push us around and in general treat us like garbage just cause they have some powertrip and feel entitled to do so shame on them!

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